At the moment my workplace is doing a project to reevaluate our organisational values. It got me thinking that in our HR process more questions should be asked around a candidates values and how well they match the organisation/role specific values rather than employing people then retrospectively making them abide by a set of values. In terms of attitudes, a set of society wide values would be ideal to ensure that all New Zealanders attitudes are not barriers to people fully participating in society. This would of course start at a micro level whereby for example customer facing roles in the workplace recruitment process includes questions that assess a candidates values that match the society wide values of fully respecting and embracing and celebrating all abilities of customers. This would ensure that staff are who are employed would know exactly what is expected of them and this is that their attitudes will fully embrace and respect all abilities. Societal values would sit under 'attitudes' of the DAP and the people who face day to day barriers due to attitudes would develop exactly what these values are. Another example is in schools, from beginning school aged 5 the societal values of acceptance and embracing all abilities and differences would be encouraged from a young age so then disability is the norm in our world.

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Attitudes come from different values and upbringings. We are not saying change childrens upbringings or make them ashamed of their upbringings but simply have meaningful conversations in the curriculum about different abilities and how we encourage and embrace people with varying disabilties.

by LucyK on November 23, 2018 at 12:57PM

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