Universal design in education and employment

  • teachers knowing what access meant
  • training for teachers to reflect this
  • every classroom meets the needs of all students

Why the contribution is important

  • universal design in all buildings
  • government departments ensure that their communication and colalteral is accessible.
  • how do we prepare communities to be more inclusive?  Community participation cannot happen if communities don't have the skills and attitudes to include:
    • modern understanding of help and support
    • connect to choice and control
    • giving people opportunities to fail, allowing people to take risk
    • increasing people's experiences so they can make real choice
    • promoting high expectations for people
    • people having a voice in what they can access - giving staff the support they need to allow that voice, take that risk etc.  Should be taught to all teachers so they are working towards outcomes for people.
    • strengthening families to be change agents in their community / school / neighbourhood in skills, resilience, support etc.

by Christchurch on December 06, 2018 at 02:35PM

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