Universal Design for Building Codes

Building code needs to be universal. An example of this is Public Disability Toilets (or as they are also called, Mobility Toilets). They are convenient, accessible and easy manoeuvring, essential for wheelchair users and provided for in the Building code.

- Mandatory provision of a clear bench, accessible shelf or ledge for medical hygeine needs.

- Requirements of: 
Carry bag and clothing hooks
Large toilet bowl, with a generous volume of water in the drop zone
Full flush readily avaliable
Sanitary disposal units for males and females

Why the contribution is important

Not all persons with Disability are confined to a wheelchair but do require the privacy and amenities of a practical Disability Toilet.

Most often there is no provision of a small bench, shelf of ledge where essential equipment can be placed for its necesarry use. Balancing on the rim of a hand basin is not an option.

Hygiene requirements are called into question if carry bags or handbags can only be placed on the floor (later to be relocated to shop counters, coffee shop tables, transport, bench etc. (in the home environment).

by Napier on February 27, 2019 at 11:57AM

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