There is a need for continued lobbying at Government levels & Health Sector

There is a need for continued lobbying at Government levels & Health Sector.    For their to be more subsidised funding available for medications/other products eg:Medicinal cannibis products (for Chronic health conditions).  That currently are very expensive eg: Cancer Treatment drugs (not all that Pharmac will currently fund).  That could have significant impact & health benefits.  To various sectors of our society Including disabled people - that have severe medical conditions.  That without having access to some of these more expensive medicines/drugs - at a subsidised cost level.  May have significant and decreased chances of having a positive outcome.  Compared to if there was greater access to some of the more expensive drugs/medications - at a regulated and controlled level.    


All Government Departments - especially DHB'S across the country - need and should be encouraged.  To have some kind of a Disability Action Plan.  To ensure that they are able to provide effective and efficient health services for Disabled People and their families.  


Greater attention needs to be given waiting list timeframes within in our current public health system.  To ensure disabled are given fair and realistic opportunity within the Health System.  To ensure they receive any treatment/operations.  They may need in a timly matter.  I raise this as a while back their was a story featured on One News - about a yougish women who was fast losing her hearing - needed a cochlear Implants ( I think) and was missing out on precious life opportunities.  Because of the lack of funding for this and/or current operation list wait times (through public health system).  


There is still the need for their to be continued lobbying within the Health system .  So that their to is appropriate Age related service within our Health system.  That can adequately respond to the needs of Disabled People that may experience Mental Health issues

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by martyvanderkley on February 25, 2019 at 04:21PM

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