Teach Sign Language to all the children and Teachers

The idea is important for the rights of those who use sign and those who teach the children, at present very few teachers can sign, so how will the communicate without an interpreter.  The Nelson area has had a program running for 4years but with limited resouces have only been able to do 6 schools a year, those that have had the program want it to continue.  The Tutor spends 30 minutes in a class once each week, the kids and most teaches love it and ask to have the tutor come back, even to the extent that the school will self fund from their allowance.

The other area is help for those with APD, this group isn't funded the same as deaf and hearing impaired children.  One case I have followed, after a battle got hearing aids but the aids had to stay at the school as they belonged to the Education System, when this was contested by the mother, NFD and myself, the aids could be taken home but no further maitainance and batteries would be provided, and if the 11year old needs replacement aids it will be their cost.  I believe these children have the same writes as those diagnosed with hearing loss, further info can be obtained by reading the NFD Hearing Matters.

Thanks for time to present this

John Harwood QSM    Past National President, Hearing Association and Deputy chair NFD.

Why the contribution is important

This is important so all children can have equal opportunity in the class room

APD sufferers need to be on an equal footing to other hearing impaired children.

by HarwoodJ on February 04, 2019 at 11:41AM

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  • Posted by HarwoodJ February 04, 2019 at 11:41

    I know things just don't happen as the APD issue has been round for at least 10 years, and sign language for lot longer but no one has ever thought how or who do the kids that are Deaf communicate with.
    You only need to talk to teachers and kids that have had this training to know what difference it makes to both parties.
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