Tax credit for added costs of disability spending

For your future strategy for disability issues I wish to raise with you the cost to me as a long-term disabled person of dealing and paying for my disability. I am one of the fortunate few disabled that has been able to maintain a permanent job, despite being full time wheelchair bound and with limited mobility of limbs.  I am looked after by my spouse.

I receive limited carer support for specific tasks.

However, this no where near covers the additional costs I am exposed to as a disabled person. I have to pay people to do every task for me, for all section and home maintenance and repairs which you will realise is not trivial. I also find that any additional tools and facilities I need as a disabled person are always more expensive that for a non-disabled person. I have a van which I had to personally buy with a hoist to enable me to travel. However, this has to be driven by my wife. I have more medical costs including travel costs then other citizens. Not only am I taxed on my income for my normal living expenses, but I’m also taxed on the added costs I have to pay to cope with my disability.

I feel I am unfairly discriminated against as a taxpayer and citizen. I consider I should not be taxed on the income I earn that is used to address my disability and allow me to have as normal a life as any other NZ citizen. I understand I might be entitled to some support if I were unemployed or a superannuant, but being employed I am not, highlighting the further discrimination I suffer.

Unfortunately, I did not put in a submission to the tax working group but consider this is an issue you should address with them.


Why the contribution is important

I should be treated fairly as a disabled citizen and not discriminated against.

by velvita on February 09, 2019 at 02:58PM

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