Lydia from New Plymouth

  1. Encourage builders of new houses to include a wheelchair friendly toilet. Allows people with disabilities more freedom of access and freedom where to go in the community.
  2. Keep standard stainless steel L shaped rails the standard recommendation for disability toilets.
  3. Bear in mind that transport costs and availability effect a lot of disabled people.
  4. Carer support. Community Connections is great. Enabling Good Lives sounds great for many people (although not in Taranaki yet).

Why the contribution is important

Most people with disabilities want to live as independent lives as possible, and this should be actively encouraged. Living with parents or in a home as a mentally able adult is not the ideal life for many Kiwis. They need to be inspired to dream, encouraged to become strong, and empowered to live as their own person. People need to make the most use of their lives, and the need for carer support creates helpful jobs.


by hhsu0002 on January 16, 2019 at 03:40PM

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