Having a disability and being part of the LBGTTI communities

My idea is related to attitudes.   I have cerebral palsy and also a trans woman (part of the LBGTTI communities ).  It's really about intersectionality of identity.  I think sometimes we are just seen as people with impairments.


Paractically, I would love to see Disability Awareness and Rainbow Cultural Competency taught in all government departments and within the disability and LBGTTI organisations to bring about full inclusion.   I hope that by the end of 2019 the New Zealand Human Rights Act will specifically include gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.

Why the contribution is important

My idea is really important because disabled people and trans people are not fully included in New Zealand society.  Attitudes towards disability is slowly changing, but there seems a cultural, societal and religious backlash towards trans people at the moment.  New Zealand has the chance to lead the way.

by allysonhamblett on February 09, 2019 at 05:08PM

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