Funding Disabilities

Disabilities arise either thru accident or medical pre-disposition. Those injured in Accident are well cared for by ACC. Those who have a non-accident health issue (cancer, heart, stroke to mention three) do not have ACC cover. When the ACC scheme was first promoted as a no fault strategy the founder Woodhouse said when the scheme became self sufficient it should be extended to general health. The time has come to consider this. ACC Fund has $20 billion in assets and huge amounts are wasted on declining claims and employing armies of specialists and lawyers to do this. If ACC contributed to Vote Health there would be an immediate improvement in hospital management. The number of highly paid staff could be reduced and NZ would be a happier place.

Why the contribution is important

Every NZ citizen requires health care at some stage in their life.  In other words everybody has or will suffer a disability. 

I have 30% hearing loss.  I have suffered a stroke.  I am disabled and under health care. I am not entitled to ACC . The care provided for me, while good is, in my opinion, under funded.  It has been allowed to run down in recent years if the newspaper and TV reports are accurate.

Everybody including you will at some point be disabled.  Interestingly ACC using its vast reserves recently sponsored "ParaSports" which will  include sports people with congenital disabilities - not just accident survivors.  Their sponsorship shows the fine line between an accident and general disability. 

A very simple proposal was recently proposed by former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer.  It seems he is publicly advocating, via the NZ Law Commission, to extend ACC benefits to general disability including illness.  Here is the link to his work.

by winstonmoreton on November 29, 2018 at 04:27PM

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