Emergency Evacuation and Wellbeing

Many organizations, private and public, build their evacuation procedures to the minimum based on the fire services guidlelines. This is something I have been made more aware of during a number of fire drills and actual earthquakes. Guidelines for exiting building do not take into consideration the mental state of persons with disabilities as they are often left alone. Whilst being left alone is not inself is something that cannot be addressed, it is where they are asked to remain until assistence arrives. In many cases, this is in a stairwell, or other confined places. These places are also often close to the sirens. The mental trauma experienced can be dramatic.

I feel the evacuation codes should be reviewed to ensure assembly points for persons with disability, take into concideration the mental and physical (hearing) state of such people.

Why the contribution is important

Many landlords, and tenents, will only adhere to the minimum guidlelines set. Something I have personally experienced. Their attitude toward persons with disability is that there are too few to make major adjustments to evaculation precedure. By ensuring the guidelines are reviewed and amended  to take into consideration the points raised above, persons with disabilities will continue to face discrimination.

by DeanWatkins on January 30, 2019 at 12:55PM

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