Education needs for Pacifika

  • More Resources e.g. teacher aides and with greater focus on targeting high deprivation locations.
  • Services need to reach out to Pasifka families e.g. ORS service, as services should not be limited by family/whanau, knowledge of the system.
  • Pasifika world views need to be challenged especially the “shame factor” as this may be a barrier to accessing services
  • Disabled Pasific people need to be listened to foster the ability to be themselves both as pacific people and disabled.
  • Pathways need to be developed, education pathways for children with disabilities should be the same pathway alongside their non-disabled pasifika peers.  Having a disability should not be a barrier to participation and progress through early childhood to schooling to tertiary.
  • Schools need to connect with families
  • Greater accessibility to education
  • Ensure facilities cater for the needs of disabled.
  • Addressing attitude barriers
  • Access to the whole curriculum  is important including sports, school trips, cultural events
  • Focus on inclusiveness and belonging
  • Educators need a broad understanding of disability
  • Inclusive means making adaptations + accommodation, children to be included in letting others know what will work for them.
  • Make sign Language compulsory in schools


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by Maraeroa on February 08, 2019 at 10:52AM

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