Disability System Changes

As Disability System Transformation roll-out's continue to happen in regions overtime.  There is the need for there to be the necessary continued commitment from all Government Departments - whether there role maybe in relation to Disability System Transformation.  So thatt they can deliver on what they have said they would deliver on.  


In relation to Disability System Transformation.  Perhaps thought should be given to - as well as options explored.  As to ways that Office for Disability Issues - maybe able to have an active role with Disability System Transformation processes etc eg: Act as a monitoring mechanism - for other Government Departments offering services to Disabled people and families etc.  


If other Intitiatives get off the ground in the coming months/years eg:The possibility Accessability Legislation - coming into action (Through Access Alliance).  There should be adequate publicity/awareness Roadshow - around why it's important for Government Departments.  To aim to strive to deliver services & facilities.  That are user-friendly and as accessible as they can be.  To anyone and everyone that needs to use them for whatever reasons.  

Why the contribution is important


by martyvanderkley on February 25, 2019 at 04:24PM

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