Disability Data

Disability identification questions still need to be included in the Household Economic Survey in order to provide regular data on income and poverty levels among disabled people and their whānau.

The Washington Group Short-Set question set used by Statistics New Zealand, needs to be adapted to accurately identifying people with learning disabilities and disabled children.

We also need longitudinal quantitative data that tracks how disabled people and their whānau progress over time, we could far better understand the cumulative impact of the disadvantage and barriers faced by disabled people.

Why the contribution is important

While there has been progress with gathering disability-related data, gaps remain. Employee related disability data collection is another ‘gap’ area. Employers and organisations need to change the language around recruitment processes and disability related questions to overcome the fears of discrimination that usually create gaps and inaccuracies in the collected data.

by BlindFoundation on February 25, 2019 at 03:56PM

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