Continued focus in areas such as Education

There needs to be continued focus in areas such as: Education.  As to areas where mainstreamed schools/other educational/Tertiery providers.  Maybe have areas where they are struggling OR under resourced.  To accomodate those with impairments/learning needs.  That may want to be an inclusive part of a particular education school or providers.  However due to various reasons - imposed by a particular school/education provider.  They are prevented from doing so.  


There needs to be greater awareness levels and education programmes - within mainstreamed schools.  Around how other students/Pupis can accept and behave appropriately - as well as knowing how to be inclusive around their pairs that may experience some kind of impairment.  So that this minimizes the risk of bullying/discrimination.  Towards students who have impairments - through no fault of their own.  

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by martyvanderkley on February 25, 2019 at 04:21PM

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