Awareness & Monitoring Evaluation

There needs to be continual promotion - within Govt Departments of the importance and relevance to them.  Around  Documents such as: NZ Disability Strategy, Disability Action Plan etc.  Along with why these Documents exist and and what part they can play.  To ensure services/facilities that Government departmentments/entities off.  Are as user-friendly as they can be to all disabled people/Families and Whanau.  That may need to access these for whatever reasons.  


There needs to be a continued focus on educating Govt Departments about Disability and it's impacts on people eg: Positive and negative impacts on everyday services that are provided to disabled people.  As well as what part they can play. When it comes to helping disabled people in the most appropriate ways.  Along with what's not helpfull eg: putting up unwanted barriers and roadblocks.  When it comes to them dealing with disabled people within the course of their work - for whatever reasons.  


There needs to be greater Disability Awareness short courses/induction programmes.  That are offered to all staff working within Governments deparments/entities.  That aim's to equip them with the basics - around that right and wrong ways to assist people with impairments of various natures.  


There needs to be a robust Monitoring Evaluation tool in place - and or measurement outcomes.  That can be easily accessed by all Government Departments.  That they can use to measure how well their services are peforming for disabled people/family etc.  There should be reviewed at regular reveiew.  To ensure they are delivering on what they have promised


Continued lobbying by those at Governmental levels. For there to be the least amount of hurdles as possible.  To enable and ensure disabled people/familes.  Are able to access any essential services through Governments departments as easily as possible and in a timely manner.  That they may need need in order for them to them to live their lives as freely as possible


Open Communication channels between all who are responsible eg: Government Departments.  For seeing the the Disability Action Plan can perform and deliver to the best of it's ability.  I think is a very important factor - to ensure that NZ Disability Action Plan - can be the best that it can be for all disabled people and others who rely on this.  


Ensuring there are can Social Change components - within the Disability Action Plan where possible.  Are important to ensure that the Attitudes & Perceptions of wider society towards disabled people.  Continue to be challenged and extended.  So that there can continue to be positive social change - as to how those with impairments are viewed within society - and  what they can and can't do

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