If the attitude of the potential employer is one of acceptance, adaptability and inclusiveness, then they will look at what the disabled person can achieve, rather than what they might not. The TV show Attitude on TVNZ1 comes to mind, where people are featured who overcome their obstacles and find meaningful employment and goals in their relevant fields.

Why the contribution is important

No matter how positive the attitude of the disabled person, if the employer is not positive then it will be difficult for them to get in the door! If they let the person in the front door first, then they will see for themselves just what can be achieved when given an opportunity. Of course there are going to be times when the applicant is not necessarily the right person for the job, but this must not be based on discrimination nor ignorance. The employers attitude should be one of empathy and fairness, and we should not have to omit our physical condition to get the job! As soon as you mention you have a disability, most employers are scared and discount your application straight away.

by Gene on November 18, 2018 at 11:07PM

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