Allocating rates to making safer roads and footpaths

We would like to see the rates we pay to be allocated to providing footpaths. We would also like to see the speed limit lowered in our area of Te Wahapu Road.

Why the contribution is important

Where we live we have no footpaths and no public transport. To keep ourselves fit we walk regularly on our road, as do many locals, we have to walk on the road as it slopes badly and steeply away at the sides. It is a winding road and the speed limit in 100kph. An example of the danger this provides is I was walking down the road one day and a grocery delivery truck flew past me and a stone fell in my face and would have hit me in the eye if not for my sunglasses. Te Wahapu Road is mostly a safe place except for fast drivers.

by Russell on February 26, 2019 at 11:52AM

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