1. Employment - employers are better resourced to employ people across the board and employees with disabilities have same rights and these are upheld.

2. Access and leadership - access to technology eg: reducing barriers to access devices.  Less wait time, cost and access to equipment.  More awareness of funds and resources to better support and encouragement in the community eg: funding for communication devices eg: MSD fund.

3. Attitudes - more education about disability issues for both teachers and pupils.  Deeper understanding, not just surface issues

Why the contribution is important

  • need more people with disabilities in visible leadership positions
  • important to reduce stigma, change attitudes, empower others
  • important to have youth-led advocacy group to provide youth voice on disability and youth issues
  • jury duty - people with disabilities able to have assistance eg: support, sign interpreters
  • transport - bus service needs wider reach / more accessible
  • higher accessibility standards for buildings, especially public places, carparks etc.

by Christchurch on December 06, 2018 at 02:40PM

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