Accessible bathrooms

Its only a requirement for buildings to have accessible bathroom facilities.

If there are 300+ people coming into the building - this is not right because there should always be potential for people who will use those facilities and so having just one person in the building should require accessible facilities.

Make service providers more accessible by helping disabled people get what they need.

Make public transport more accessible - make all the chairs in the buses be able to be lifted up so that a greater number of people can sit on the bus - not just one or two people.

Trains should have two accessible carriges.


Why the contribution is important

Also you need to be very "able" to even use "accessible" bathrooms.

Make places more accessible.

If there is a double decker bus there should be at least four accessible spaces because if there are two levels there should be at least twice as many spaces.

by Manukau on February 11, 2019 at 12:02PM

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