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10% of all rooms

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by MDNZ on November 23, 2018 at 03:17PM

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  • Posted by Tania November 26, 2018 at 13:04

    yes i still interesting the accommodation for access to information is the best way to help more clear for them in nz
  • Posted by K December 04, 2018 at 21:20

    I disagree with the percentage allocation.

    The fact is the way housing is allocated means that those without specific housing need are more likely to be housed. There is also a bias towards housing certain disabilities over others which appear to not be considered "real" disabilities.

    There needs to be a specific strategy to house disabled by building suitable properties, and if no housing is suited to their disability then a equity share arraignment should be considered to purchase suitable housing especially when waiting time has extended beyond five years.

    Furthermore the differences between those in social housing vs those in private rentals need to be addressed. Examples:
    - the subsidy in social housing is considerably higher
    - the cash asset limit for HNZ tenants is over $42,000 while those on AS have at the most $16,000 (with children)
    - TAS fails to pick up additional cost of housing that costs more due to disability needs
    - penalties multiply against those not accommodated by HNZ because they are spending disability allowance allocated to other things on rent, power or other essential items. (Meaning they get a double penalty bc they can't save for retirement and therefore miss out on the tax credit, while their medical condition suffers).
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